Last Stop: Munich

17 Aug

Last Stop: Munich

The glockenspiel at the Marienplatz is the icon of Munich, Germany. And of course, I had to find my way back there. I did a lot of growing up back in the early 1970’s and Munich, Germany had a significant place in my life. This was my first time back since 1975. It felt unreal. The two days I spent here walking around in old familiar places was a reconnecting with the young woman I was back then. It was also an opportunity to touch base with two old college friends who had spent their entire careers in the music field performing in Munich. I stayed with my friend Lucy who was just nearing retirement as a professional singer with the Bavarian State Opera Chorus. My friend Barton had already entered retirement from his position as pianist with the Bavarian Radio Orchestra. Words cannot express how much it meant to me to see my old friends again after so many years apart. Lucy and I started talking and we didn’t stop until the day I left.

It was a short train ride from Salzburg, about an hour and a half. I was sad to leave Inge in Salzburg. She was so kind to see me off at the train station.


Shortly I was zooming through green rolling Bavarian countryside as I approached the final destination of my European vacation. I would like to point out the solar panels on the roof of the country house. Solar is everywhere in Germany. They are ahead of everyone else in turning to green energy. I wish our country could be half as progressive as they are.

DSC_0538 DSC_0541


My friend Lucy and her husband have an apartment near Sendlinger Tor south of the Marienplatz.



I passed all of these parked bicycles as I made my way to the U-Bahn station at Sendlinger Tor.


Here is Sendlinger Tor from the inside looking out.


And from the outside looking in.


Passing through the gate I walked down Sendlinger Strasse (a pedestrian walkway) toward Marienplatz. Here was a store with a sale on traditional dress.


A Paulaner Bier Stube.


Ach! I feel so at home. It’s an Apple Store.


Marienplatz was packed with tourists all waiting for the glockenspiel to play on the hour.


Here at the intersection of Marienplatz and Rindermarkt you can see the double towers of the Munich Cathedral, the golden Mariensäule, and the Rathaus tower with the glockenspiel.


Pridefest was celebrated for nine days in Munich. The gay pride flags were flying all over the city center.





One Response to “Last Stop: Munich”

  1. mamacormier August 17, 2013 at 11:22 am #

    I was in Munich in 1972 during the Olympics. My cousin took me to a boxing match. It was the only event he could get tickets for. I was only there for a couple of days as I had to get back to Oberaudorf where I had a job in a small hotel and about a week later I returned to Canada to go back to school. It was lovely seeing your photos of Munich and Salzburg. It brought back some nice memories for me.

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