Water World: Hellbrunn

16 Aug

Water World: Hellbrunn

I had been to Hellbrunn before…back in 1973, so I understood the basic concept. The Archbishop of Salzburg, a very wealthy man, had this summer palace constructed with the idea to create a fanciful water world including pranks. Much of the architecture in the park is enhanced with seashells. There are long undulating pools of water that lead the visitor from one section to another. Long, thin fish glide smoothly through the clear water. When you arrive and enter the park, this is the first “room” you encounter. Visually classic and peaceful, but it contains a big prank. This large stone banquet table and stools hold the secret. The archbishop held dinner parties out here. As the evening proceeded and people became inebriated, he would give the signal and water would shoot up from the middle of the table, the middle of the stools, and from sprayers around the perimeter.





Thar she blows. A wild and wet evening.





This column base has feet.


Yep. That’s me taking photos in a grotto.


The columns have heads and feet. The deer heads mounted on the corners are also sprayers. Water shoots out of the antlers.


The grounds are beautiful and do contain unicorns.


This is a water-powered glockenspiel.


The trick in this building concerns the conical hat.


When the water is turned on it rides high on a spear of water, perfectly balanced. It does not fall off.


Right after I took this photo I made a mad dash through the water archway keeping my Nikon well sheltered with my body.


Beautiful and serene grounds with mirror-like pools.

DSC_0509 DSC_0510 DSC_0514 DSC_0516

When I left, I passed this end of Hellbrunner Allee, a long gravel pathway sheltered by tall trees. Years ago when I lived in Salzburg for the summer, I had a bike. I rode my bike from the house in Salzburg out this Allee to visit Hellbrunn. Warnings are posted here telling people to avoid Hellbrunner Allee in thunderstorms.


From here I could gaze across the fields at Castle Hohensalzburg, a citadel overlooking the whole region.



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