How Do I Get to Burano?

12 Aug

How Do I Get to Burano?

The island of Burano in the Venice lagoon is a legendary place for photo ops. It is traditionally an island of seafarers, and its trademark is brightly colored houses. Some people say that the houses were painted strong colors so that the returning sailors could see them from a long distance. Burano is also famous for lace making (merletto). Burano has canals, but no gondolas.

I had to walk for 20 minutes to the north end of Venice to find the vaporetto stop for the islands. Very quickly we passed the cemetery island on the right and stopped at nearby Murano of glassmaking fame, about a 10 minute ride. Burano is much farther away and we rode an additional 35 minutes before we arrived. In the distance on the mainland we could see planes taking off and landing at Marco Polo Airport. The ride to Burano from Venice was very pleasant. It just seemed really long because we were all anxious to get there.

Here we were at the vaporetto stop in Venice looking across the water to the cemetery island on the right and Murano on the left.


When we pulled away from the shore we could look back and see the dome of St. Mark’s on the left and the Campanile in the middle.


Passing the church on the cemetery island.


Approaching Murano.


Out in the lagoon we passed these derelict hulks of old buildings.


Then we entered the canal that would bring us to Burano. Already we saw the bright colors.


A typical Burano scene.

DSC_0996 DSC_0007

I really loved some of the houses like this deep blue one. They had lovely shutters on the windows and always a curtain hanging over the doorway that fluttered in the breeze.



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