Where Is My Hotel? Where Is My ROOM?

10 Aug

Where Is My Hotel? Where Is My ROOM?

Once I had crossed St. Mark’s Square laden with backpack, camera, and dragging my suitcase on wheels, the first order of business was finding my hotel, Hotel Antico Panada. It was located on Calle dei Specchieri.  A calle it turns out is an alley, a pedestrian walkway.



The walkways were so crowded that I passed it twice before I found it.



That’s what it looked like from outside, easy to miss.

They assigned me a room that might as well have been in eastern Timbuktu. A bellman carried my suitcase to my room for me. I certainly could not have done it. Getting to the room was like walking through a maze. It was a nice room but quite small and located in the attic.

DSC_0905 DSC_0906

I looked out the small window and saw a pigeon grooming himself on the window ledge across the way. I had to train my mind not to feel claustrophobic. In fairness though, other people have told me that their rooms in Venice were also very small.



The path to get from my room back to the lobby was so circuitous that I decided to photograph the steps along the way so that I wouldn’t make a wrong turn. And here they are:

The door of my room.


Down a steep attic stairway.


Down a hall and around a corner.


Down a long hallway to another set of down stairs



To a landing…


And down some more stairs.


Through a door and down another long hallway to the right.


Turn a corner.


And down another long hallway to the right.


Turn right again and go UP a flight of stairs.


Go down another hallway.


Turn the corner and go down another hallway.


And there you are at the elevator where you must descend two floors to the lobby.


The only place where you could get an Internet signal was off the lobby, so anytime I wanted to send or read emails I had to make this trip with my computer and then retrace my steps.




One Response to “Where Is My Hotel? Where Is My ROOM?”

  1. Suzanne August 11, 2013 at 6:59 am #

    What a journey from your room and what a tiny room. How wonderful though to be in Venice. I haven’t made it there yet so reading your stories is like a preview of a visit I might make one day if I’m lucky. Good luck.

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